E.I.F.S. wall cladding assemblies are the most popular commercial exterior wall cladding systems in the United States. This may be because E.I.F.S. is probably the most versatile system ever developed in terms of color, texture, and shape. Or it may be that with an E.I.F.S system, the insulation is not in the building, but outside the buildings mass, where many experts say it can do the most good. Horton Building Supply Is proud to support the E.I.F.S. industry through our affiliation with the Texas Lath and Plaster Assosciation, and by carrying the Akroflex by Omega International and Synergy by BASF Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems in our Richardson and San Antonio stores. We also carry a full line of the related supplies, from trowels to Tyvek for the E.I.F.S. professional.

Our Richardson store carries the Akroflex by Omega International and our San Antonio store carries Synergy by BASF. Both of these systems are excellent products with warranted systems that meet or exceed architectural specifications and provide commercial buildings with low maintenance exterior walls that are pleasing to the eye. Horton Building Supply helps provide these materials to qualified building professionals at a price that is pleasing to the budget.

While you’re here, please take a moment to browse our products page for links to Omega and Synergy company websites to see what these companies and their products can do for you and your customers. Then, if you would, why not look at some of the projects our professional contractors have completed with Akroflex and Synergy quality E.I.F.S. systems. When you have seen the beauty and versatility of E.I.F.S., we would appreciate it if you would contact us and see if we can help you get the materials you need for your next E.I.F.S. project.