Masonry / Lime

The masonry wall assembly is a time tested and very popular exterior cladding. We are proud to support the masonry industry through our affiliation with the United Masonry Council, and our extensive masonry supply inventory.

Horton Building Supply carries a full line of the materials, supplies, and tools a professional mason needs to complete a brick, block, or natural stone assembly. We also have forklift equipped flatbed, single and pup dump trucks to deliver material to the jobsite where you need them and on time.

Horton Building Supply stocks portland cements, masonry mixes, lime, water barriers, waterproofing, wall ties, sand, and ladder wire. We also carry the trowels, levels, gloves, string lines, and all the other tools professionals need to do what he does best, and we can help to cover up what doesn’t need to get dirty with our full line of plastics and tapes to cover up whatever isn’t a masonry assembly.

Please take a moment while you are here to browse our products page to see the brand names you know and trust for your projects, and the links to their websites. Then take a look at some of the projects that our customers have done on our portfolio page. When you have finished looking at our website, we would really appreciate it if you would contact us so we can see if there is a way to help you supply your masonry projects.